Let’s look at the signs of “ovulation”

then touching the vagina with your finger 

Typically, women will face hormone imbalances before and during ovulation, causing changes in the body. These changes can be the signs of ovulation.

What are the signs of ovulation? Let’s see. 

  • Cervical mucus becomes wetter

When the body is about to ovulate, it will produce more estrogen causing the cervical mucus to become wet and clear. This kind of mucus will let the sperm pass the vagina to fertilize an egg easier.

  • Sensitive to smell 

This will happen in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

  • Breast pain

When there is a change in hormones, it causes breasts and nipples to be more sensitive, leading to sore or engorged breasts.

  • Mittelschmerz

There will be one-sided abdominal pain together with vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, or even nausea.

  • Vaginal discharge

The vaginal discharge can be white or brown during ovulation, but it is not harmful.

  • Feeling more sexually aroused 

Women during ovulation might experience increased libido.

  • Change in the cervix

The cervix rises up and becomes softer and wider. You can examine it by standing in a tampon-inserting position and then touching the vagina with your finger to see any changes.

However, if there are any abnormalities or severe symptoms, you should consult with a doctor to see what is wrong.

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