How is mental health important to sperm production?

Stress caused by mental health is very scary and it can negatively affect various body systems. People who want to have children need to especially be aware of this matter because stress is the first factor that causes men to have problems with incomplete semen production, leading to infertility.

Stress caused by mental health will interfere with the function of the hormones in the reproductive system, causing decreased testosterone and sperm. The solution is to deal with stress, poor mental health, or other problems to inevitably improve mental and physical health.

These suggestions may help couples increase their pregnancy rate. But if they try to conceive for a long time and still fail, they should consult with a fertility specialist doctor because consultation will help people get accurate information and answers about pregnancy questions, including finding the cause of abnormalities and appropriate treatment to make the pregnancy successful.

Also, do not forget to take care of yourself by taking a supplement for sperm nourishment with Repro Vita-M, a supplement for sperm improvement selected for men with a low sperm count or sperm problem.

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