It’s hard to conceive due to male side How to fix it?

As we all know that infertility can happen in both men and women. Therefore, taking good care of yourself early is important.

Most men usually ignore this problem because they think they are physically healthy. However, they could have poor sperm quality.

Mostly, whether your sperm is strong or weak depends on your daily lifestyle. To remain good sperm quality, you need to 

  1. Control weight to be in an appropriate standard
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables containing antioxidants to strengthen sperm
  3. Properly and regularly exercise
  4. Have enough rest and avoid stress
  5. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and drugs
  6. Nourish with vitamins

Apart from changing your lifestyle, what is also important is to always take care of the body. Taking vitamin supplements is another option. It also helps you get a full range of vitamins.

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