Exercise and vitamin supplements Tips for people who want babies

If you want your body to be ready for pregnancy, you need to pay attention to your health, especially by exercising.

Exercising is very essential. It not only increases the pregnancy rate but is also good for women’s health during pregnancy and childbirth.

What kind of exercise is good??

You do not need heavy exercise. You just need to regularly walk, walk fast, cycle, or do yoga.

Apart from a strong body, it makes the systems and hormones function systematically and prepares the body for the chance of getting pregnant.

What is more necessary for women who want babies is to take vitamin supplements for preparation before pregnancy. 

Especially for Folic Acid, which is an essential nutrient for a baby’s development. It also helps improve ovulation, increase the pregnancy rate, prevent pregnancy complications, and increase the embryo’s survival rate. 

Repro Vita-F contains folic acid which helps nourish and take care of women’s health to be productively ready for pregnancy.

Moreover, it also contains 22 nutrients such as L-Carnitine, Inositol, Gamma Oryzanol, and Magnesium that help nourish eggs and health. It is suitable for women who want to have babies naturally. Women in fertility treatment can also take it.

Now, you see the importance of exercise and taking supplements. Don’t just wait until you’re getting older and being infertile. Start taking care of yourself from today.

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