Can’t live without desserts causes infertility!

Women and desserts are inseparable. Just having dessert in front of you can make you happy, right?

But if you are planning for a baby and still can’t live without desserts, it can make you infertile!

If you are planning for a baby, you should not eat too many desserts more than the body’s needs. You should also avoid food that increases blood sugar levels!

It can cause inflammation in the body and disturb sex hormone function, causing anovulation, deteriorate, and poor egg cell?

It also causes insulin resistance, especially in people with PCOS. High levels of blood sugar will worsen symptoms of PCOS.

But it would be too hard to stop eating them, wouldn’t it? So, if you are preparing to be a mom but can’t stop eating desserts, we recommend you adjust your diet and gradually have fewer desserts.

Try drinking more water and eating foods and other vitamins. Eating nutritious foods can help make the body get more nutrients and ready for a baby in the future.


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