Try to understand breast changes during pregnancy

Breast engorgement normally happens in women during pregnancy. There are clear breast changes during pregnancy such as enlarged breasts to prepare for milk production for the baby.

Hormones during pregnancy period make breast tissue changes all the time. It becomes more flexible and that makes the breasts grow larger during pregnancy and breastfeeding so that there will be more milk ducts for milk production and storage. 

The symptoms from breast changes are engorged breasts, tingling nipples, and a painful feeling similar to menstrual cramps as the nipples become more sensitive and the body is also sensitive to coldness.

The nipple and areola area will get darker and larger due to the hormones during pregnancy. You will feel that the breasts are getting larger and heavier. Some cases might feel itchy from the stretch marks caused by the rapid breast expansion. You can see the blue or dark green veins from stretch marks around the breast area caused by the breast change during pregnancy. 

Breast care steps during pregnancy

For breast care during pregnancy, we recommend you eat nutritious foods, have enough sleep, and wear a bra that supports the breasts and their weight. A good bra must not hold back the shoulder, cause back pain, or tighten the breast as it can cause breast sagging.

Avoid hot water while taking bath using a concentrated shampoo and body wash. Use gentle products for sensitive skin or products specifically for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the abrupt stretching of breasts can cause stretch marks and adhesions from friction, causing itchiness. The problem can be treated with My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream.

Cabbage Leaf Extract and Royal Jelly Protein help prevent and stop breast inflammation. Also, Centella Asiatica Extract helps with skin firmness and glow.

Now, your engorged breast will get better.

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