If you have acne around the mouth, you’d better change your lip balm urgently.

“Acne around the mouth” is a common skin disorder found in Pilosebaceous Unit, which these skin problems are called “Acne Vulgaris”. The acne can be found in many parts of the mouth, such as acne at the corners of the mouth, acne under the mouth, acne around the mouth and chin, etc.

However, even though acne appears in the mouth but there may be different characteristics and types of acne that occur. Some people may have clogged pores around their mouth. Some people may develop acne. Or even in some cases, it may be found that what happened was a disease like acne but it’s not actually acne.

The simple way to prevent this is by cleaning, not picking, scratching, or squeezing, and don’t forget to use lip care products safely. By selecting the product with organic standard like My Dear Mom Nourishing Balm.

Reference : https://skinx.app/content/acne/acne-around-mouth

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