4 foods that make you aged

Eating unhealthy food can quickly harm your health. It also makes your body and your face look older than your real age as well.

Today, Nuvo would like to show you 4 foods that may cause your body to age prematurely.

  • Alcoholic beverages: This is because alcoholic drinks will cause the liver cells to deteriorate. The body is dehydrated. The result is rapid aging. And in the fat layer of men, there is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen as in women. If you drink a lot, men will have bigger breasts. There is less hair on the body and you will look fat. Most importantly, you look older than your age.

  • Pickled vegetables or fruits: The chance of getting sick after eating pickled vegetables and fruits is very high. Additionally, fermented foods can have a negative effect on skin health. Because it makes the skin dry and cracked because the body is severely dehydrated, leading to inflammation at the cellular level of the skin. And it comes with aging.

  • High sugar foods: The sugar in food is worse than you think. Because if you eat a lot, you’ll be at risk of being fat and developing diabetes. It also has a harmful effect on the skin.

  • Oily foods: Whether they are cooked by reused frying oil or oil from butter. Snacks and other foods that contain saturated fat or trans fats, such as beef or buffalo meat. These bad fats will cause white blood cell coagulation called foam cells that worsen your health including skin health.

Eating these 4 types of foods will cause the body to work harder in creating cellular barriers. It will lead to “Premature Deterioration” in various body systems like skin wrinkles, aging face, and dull skin.

To prevent it, you should eat nutritious food. And choose to take dietary supplements that are outstanding in delaying aging like Asta Pro Plus. Just take 1 capsule a day for the best outcome.

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