Drinking too much alcohol in pregnant women is not good

What will happen? If the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy?

Any time you drink alcohol while pregnant, your baby also drinks with you because the alcohol the mother drinks enters the baby directly through the placenta. The blood alcohol level of the fetus is just as high as the mother’s but the baby takes longer time twice than the mother to expel this toxin from the body.

What long-term effects does drinking alcohol during pregnancy have on the unborn baby?

Drinking more than 2 glasses of alcoholic beverage per day puts your fetus at risk of having problems with learning, speaking, concentration, language, and possibly ADHD.

In case pregnant mothers drink more than 6 glasses of alcoholic beverage per day, it increases the risk that the baby will develop birth defects which may cause the child to have delayed development. Both physical and mental problems, behavioral problems, facial abnormalities, and heart defects occur.

And for the safety of you and your baby, as soon as you know you’re pregnant, all types of alcoholic beverages should be avoided. And if you’re planning to become pregnant, it would be better if you decide to stop drinking completely before it’s too late so that you don’t have to worry later.

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