How to take care of skin in winter to prevent premature aging

Winter always comes with dry and cracked skin. When the humidity drops, the body dehydrates more than usual. The facial skin will lack moisture and become dry causing cracked, peeling, and flaky skin. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll get premature wrinkles.

Today, Nuvo Life Care is going to share tips to take care of the skin for girls who don’t want to get old. What are they? Let’s see.

  1. Avoid warm bath or shower – Heat will remove all moisture on the skin. The skin will dry and crack easily.
  2. Drink enough water – Drink more water, at least 8-10 cups per day. Avoid drinks that cause dehydration like tea and coffee.
  3. Apply moisturizer after facial wash – After washing the face, the skin will absorb moisture best. Wipe the face with a damp cloth and apply the cream quickly. The skin will keep all moisture on the face all day.
  4. Have enough sleep – Having a rest is very important. If you have enough rest at least 6 to 8 hours a day, the skin looks brighter than when you are sleep deprived. 
  5. Eat food to nourish the skin – Eat foods that moistens your skin like omega 3 from fish, chicken, vegetables, and fruits containing vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. 
  6. Nourish skin with vitamin supplement – Choose a supplement that helps nourish the skin like Asta Pro. ? It contains pomegranate extract that helps reduce wrinkles, Fish Collagen Dipeptide that helps stimulate collagen production and moistens skin, Vitamin C, and other 10 essential vitamins. 

Apart from taking care of your skin, don’t forget to take care of your health too.

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