Despite young age…sperm becomes poor!

It is true that your older age can affect sperm quality. But it doesn’t mean young people wouldn’t have sperm problems.

Many men might think that they are physically strong, but they might not know that they can have a problem inside. If you don’t take care of yourself since you’re still young, your congenital disease and risky behaviors can result in poor sperm.

Having poor sperm quality while in young age also depends on many factors such as

  1. Overweight men with large waistlines will have low sperm count.
  2. Congenital abnormality of the reproductive tract
  3. Endocrine disorders
  4. Some medication, radiation, or chemotherapy
  5. Some chemicals enter the body both directly and indirectly such as lead, copper, or pesticides.
  6. Immune disorder causes the body to produce substances that are harmful to sperm.
  7. Drinking alcohol and smoking decrease testosterone and sperm production.
  8. Stress affects the hormones that produce sperm, causing erection problems.
  9. Heavy workout reduces testosterone, leading to less production of sperm.

So, if you are planning to have a family and a baby in the future, you should prepare yourself by getting semen analysis to evaluate your sperm quality. Therefore, you can take care of yourself properly. 

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