How to store your vitamins to keep their best potency

Although there are clear expiration dates mentioned for vitamins and supplements, they can lose their potency and be early-expired if they are not stored properly.

Today we would like to share ‘tips to store your vitamins’ to keep their best potency. If you take expired vitamins, it could do more negative than positive impacts on your body. Here are some simple ways for storing:


  1. Keep them away from sunlight

Nowadays, medicines, vitamins, and supplements are kept in packaging or bottles for sunlight protection, such as foil packaging, opaque plastic bottle, or amber glass bottle. Though there are kept in the packaging, they need to be kept away from sunlight.  They should be stored in a cabinet with a solid lid as light can speed up chemical reactions, causing deterioration.


  1. Keep them at room temperature

Normally, vitamins should not be kept in a place that is extremely hot or cold. To be simple, they should be kept at room temperature. Look at the label; if the label doesn’t mention keeping them in the refrigerator, they should not be stored in the refrigerator.


  1. Keep them in a cool and dry place

In tropical weather, the product should be placed in an ordinary cabinet away from sunlight. The temperature should be around 25-32 degrees Celsius, which is not too high. For storing in the refrigerator, if the product is solid, there should be no problem with temperature. However, moisture in the refrigerator can seep into the product. The product should be stored in packaging that prevents air and moisture.


  1. Always tightly close the lid 

You should not store the vitamins in separate packing and should not keep them in a humid place. When you are closing the lid, moisture will move into the bottle, causing the deterioration of medicines, vitamins, or supplements. 

Deterioration of substances in vitamin products and supplements may not cause harm to the user, but they will lose their potency when taking them, which is a waste of money. If you take them home and store them improperly, you will waste your money.






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