Breast Engorgement while pregnancy, a symptom hard to avoid!

Engorgement or engorged breast is normally caused by the abrupt change in Progesterone and Estrogen hormones in the body, causing more pain and an increase in breast size. 

Moreover, the nipples of some women become darker and bigger which is caused by the HPL hormone (human placental lactogen), a hormone that later has a role in milk production.

Normally, most women will have engorged breasts when a period comes. So do pregnant women. Pregnant women’s breasts are more engorged and last longer because their bodies are preparing for milk production for their babies. Your breast will get bigger, but they’ll be back to normal.

Some women might even feel breast and nipple pain (Can’t even touch them). But do not be worried as the pain will be disappeared by itself after 3 months of pregnancy.

The more weeks pass by, the more engorged mothers feel. The nipples that used to be flesh-colored or pink will become darker and larger. The areola area will become larger. These symptoms will occur after the period is one month missing (2 months after the last period.) 

Relieve your engorged breast with My Dear Mom Organic Breast Cream, a breast cream made especially for women. It is full of natural extracts, has no impurities, and contains Cabbage Leaf Extract and other 7 more natural extracts.

  • Prevent and relieve breast inflammation.
  • Moisturize skin and bring back smoothness.
  • Effectively reduce the dryness of the skin.
  • Help with skin firmness and skin radiance

Now, the mother’s breast engorgement symptoms will be relieved.


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