Food suitable for pregnant women with B Blood type

What must be wrong? I didn’t understand it at all

I always ate what you told me to. My wish is never fulfilled.

Or is it because my blood type is B…???

Because of the high popularity of the song ‘B Blood Type’, today we’re gonna talk about the food suitable for pregnant women with B Blood Type.

Pregnant women with B Blood Type are considered sensitive people (Including pollens and food allergies) who usually have an immune deficiency and are easy to gain weight. But the strength of pregnant women with B blood type is that their digestive system works very well, so they can easily eat meat and drink milk.

Today, Nuvo’d like to show you suitable food for pregnant women with B blood type. Let’s see.

  • Eat deep-sea fishto gain more protein. For example, snow fish and whitefish 
  • Eat grains, especially oatmeal and brown rice  
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oilper day.
  • All types of green leafy vegetables
  • All fruitsexcept persimmon, pomegranate, and pear 

More importantly, no matter what blood type you have, do not forget to take calcium supplements like Nuvo Calcium Jelly to nourish your womb. Portable and easy to take ?


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