How does low zinc affect men’s health?

When the fertility problem is caused by men ? then it’s time to seek something to nourish the body. If you see a doctor, the first recommendation would definitely be “zinc”.  

When men are low in zinc or fed a diet including very little zinc, it will affect testosterone hormone and sperm quality. 

Your body needs zinc in the process of sperm production. Taking zinc will help the body balance the level of testosterone, improve sperm concentration or increase sperm count, and enhance sperm motility. 

A man needs 15 mg. of zinc per day. The sources of zinc are oysters, liver, salmon, kale, and asparagus. But not only that, a supplement can even improve sperm quality.

 Repro Vita-M is a sperm supplement carefully selected for men with a low sperm count, sperm problems, and people who need more zinc.

  • It has French pine bark extract (Pycnogenol) that improves blood circulation, prevents inflammation, and adds more collagen and elastin to the skin.
  • Improve sperm quality, increase sperm count, and boost sperm motility
  • Reduce abnormal sperm, treat infertile, and increase fertilization
  • Prevent sperm deterioration and increase testosterone

It also contains 21 other ingredients helping with sperm quality and health improvement. Nourish and prepare to have children now, only 2,790 THB per bottle. 

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