Did you know? Eating less fruit may result in infertility

You probably know that eating nutritious food helps strengthen the body. 

Especially fruits, fruits have various vitamins and nutrients. If your body lacks these nutrients, it will lead to poor performance of systems in the body, causing infertility in the future.

The research published in the medical journal called Human Reproduction reveals that women who eat fruit 3 or more times per day are more likely to have a chance of getting pregnant sooner than women who eat fruit less than 1-3 times per month. Also, the chances of getting pregnant are extended by half a month.

Some researcher even says that women who eat the least fruit will have more risks of infertility from 8% to 12%. 

Knowing this, you should eat more fruit to improve your fertility. The recommended fruits are berry fruits as they have high antioxidants that prevent cell damage, or avocado which has high good fat, strengthens the body, and helps with fertility. 

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Reference: www.matichonacademy.com/content/health/article_13562

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