Get to know skin cycle for beautiful skin care

Normally, the skin cycle lasts about 28 days. Women usually experience acne, dull facial skin before periods, and dry and sensitive skin during their periods.

That is because the hormones in the body change all the time. Today, Nuvo Life Care will tell you all about the relationship between the skin cycle and hormones.

1. Before menstruation

It is the period when women have acne because of a high level of progesterone and decreased metabolism. The accumulation of waste under the skin causes dull and oily skin more than usual.

2. During menstruation

It’s the period when estrogen and progesterone are low and the body produce less elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin which cause the skin to maintain moisture poorly, leading to sensitive skin, allergy, and irritation easily.

3. After menstruation

The estrogen level will rise up, causing healthy, smooth, and glowing skin because of more production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic under the skin.

If you understand the changes in the skin caused by hormones, you will know how to properly take care of the skin and how to choose the right skincare suitable for yourself.

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