Benefits of Inositol

Inositol or so-called vitamin B8 is a nutrient that the body receives from some types of food like fruits and nuts. The body can also produce this substance by itself from starch. Inositol is important to the body and is an essential vitamin for people who want to have babies.

Inositol has many benefits like

  • Regulate period 
  • Reduce appetite and help control weight easier
  • Reduce the symptoms from a high level of male hormones like acne, oily skin, and hairy
  • Reduce stress and mood swing
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes or liver disease
  • Reduce gestational diabetes when taken continuously while pregnant


These benefits will help improve egg quality and women’s health.


We’d like to recommend Repro Vita-F, an egg supplement for women. It contains a key ingredient like Inositol that helps improve egg cell quality, reduce unqualified eggs, and reduce ovarian stimulation medication. 

And other 22 nutrients have been carefully selected for women’s health and egg cell nourishment. So, women can be ready for pregnancy. You must try now.

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