Got pregnant! Eating 1 egg per day to enhance protein

Eggs are a good source of protein and they are the only type of protein that provides all of the amino acids the body requires.

One egg contains 6.25 grams of protein or 10-15% of the daily protein requirement. However, mothers should avoid overeating since it can lead to excessive weight gain.

As a result, it is recommended to eat 1 cooked egg per day along with other nutritious foods.

How important is the egg?

Protein is required for the development of cells and body parts in a fetus in the womb. Therefore, eating eggs during pregnancy aids in the development of the fetus’s cells in the womb.

In addition, eggs also contain Omega 3 and Coline which help nourish the brain and growth of a fetus.

Therefore, pregnant women should eat appropriate number of eggs. One egg per day helps with body nourishment and also enhance the fetus strength and intelligence. 


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