What is the best age to have a baby Things to know before getting pregnant

The ideal age for getting pregnant is very important. Various factors must be sufficient for raising a child to avoid the risk as much as possible. And what is the best age to have a baby?

The best age for women to have a baby is 34 years old (The data from the University of Texas is collected from 1,800 mothers. The data is collected by health questionnaires. The result reveals that the best age for the first child is 34.)

And why is that

Because it’s the age when a person has the power and energy to take care of a child and has financial stability. It is also the age when a person seems to be mature enough to raise a child. 

And what if I get pregnant at a young age

 A pregnant teen girl is actually just a girl at the age that still has to study. There could be problems for teen moms such as the pelvis does not fully develop, leading to a high risk of C-section.

And what if I get pregnant in an old age

 The is a risk of complications when getting pregnant over 35. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure during pregnancy, or postpartum hemorrhage caused by poor contraction of the uterus.  

However, pregnancy in an old age is not too hard for a doctor to take care of. The real problem is the job of a mother. Dealing with the job might be even harder than getting an ultrasound and taking a supplement. Pregnant mothers should find an activity to make themselves relax.

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