Check men’s health with semen color

Of course, regularly checking your own physical health is very important. Because in addition to being able to recognize abnormalities, you will also be able to cope and prevent it before it becomes serious.

We will explain how to observe the color of semen. Normally, the color of a man’s semen must be greyish white. Therefore, if you ejaculate and find the color has changed, what can the color tell you? Let’s take a look.

  • Yellowish semen: You must check whether there is urine mixed in or not. Or if you have jaundice, a condition of abnormally high levels of bilirubin in the body, causing the yellow color to mix with the semen.
  • Red semen: You must get a checkup to make sure that the vas deferens has a wound or an infection or not? Or maybe you might have cancer causing the semen to have a reddish appearance or blood comes out.
  • Green semen: In this case, you must be careful about infections, such as infections in the prostate, or in the passage of the male reproductive organs.

The changing color of the semen can indicate abnormalities of the male reproductive system. But it may not directly indicate sperm quality, such as sperm concentration, motility, or morphology.

Therefore, it is recommended to go and check for the cause of the abnormality, which may cause difficulty in having children in the future as well.

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