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Increase the chance of having baby with Products from Nuvo Life Care

Health nourishment can be done by taking care of your own health in a simple way and can actually produce good results for the body. In particular, it is necessary to prepare for pregnancy. Because these are all factors that are very important to your chances of getting pregnant. Taking dietary supplements is another important […]

Vita F Jelly, tasty and beneficial

Choosing to eat various foods, whether main dishes, desserts, appetizers, or even dietary supplements, we must choose carefully and appropriately for our body. Because if you eat it, you will only get deliciousness. But it’s useless. It won’t work with your body and health. But for anyone who orders our Vita F Jelly, you don’t […]

Vitamins to strengthen immunity

“Immunity” is the first barrier that helps resist germs from entering the body. It also serves to eliminate germs that escape in, which is very important to health. In order to build good and enough immunity, it depends on how well you are taking care of your health in various aspects. One of the things […]

Nourish your health with Asta Pro Plus to avoid premature aging

Asta Pro Plus is a vitamin for health and beauty. It is rich in Astaxanthin from red algae which is the best antioxidant. Moreover, it contains Astragalus, CoQ10, and other beneficial extracts, totaling more than 11 nutrients. Importantly, it provides full benefits in 1 box. Help delay aging, reduce wrinkles, nourish brain and nervous system, […]

Add folic acid when you prepare for pregnancy

For any couple who has started planning pregnancy, especially women, you should stock up on folic acid, averaging 400 milligrams per day for 1 – 3 months in advance. This is because folic acid is important for embryo development from the moment of fertilization. It can reduce the risk of congenital abnormalities in the little […]

How beneficial is going to bed before 10 PM?

As sleeping can slow down aging!! While we are sleeping, the brain doesn’t only produce growth hormone but also melatonin, which is helping us sleep and protecting skin cells from free radicals. This substance, melatonin, is produced most at night during deep sleep and in a completely dark room. If we sleep late and wake […]

4 foods that make you aged

Eating unhealthy food can quickly harm your health. It also makes your body and your face look older than your real age as well. Today, Nuvo would like to show you 4 foods that may cause your body to age prematurely. Alcoholic beverages: This is because alcoholic drinks will cause the liver cells to deteriorate. […]

Drinking too much alcohol in pregnant women is not good

What will happen? If the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy? Any time you drink alcohol while pregnant, your baby also drinks with you because the alcohol the mother drinks enters the baby directly through the placenta. The blood alcohol level of the fetus is just as high as the mother’s but the baby takes longer […]