‘Calcium’ an essential nutrient for pregnant women!

Calcium is not an only important nutrient to a pregnant woman but also an essential nutrient helping in a baby’s’ development. During pregnancy, the baby will draw calcium from the mother to build their own bones and teeth!

the baby’s body needs to develop, the mother needs to especially nourish her body.

When the baby absorbs the calcium from the mother, the mother’s bone density will decrease, risking osteoporosis. So, if a mother receives enough calcium, it will reduce the chance of osteoporosis and cramp. 

A pregnant woman needs 1,200 – 1,500 mg. of calcium per day. So, women who didn’t get enough calcium like lactose intolerant women should take more calcium. ?

As Nuvo Life Care sees the importance of health, we, therefore, conducted research and invented a Calcium Jelly product for people who need more calcium. Most importantly, pregnant women can take it!

It also contains Calcium L-Threonate, the best calcium of the year! People who take the supplement can be sure their bodies will get benefits and more calcium.

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