BPA in plastics, a silent danger causing infertility!

Have you ever heard of BPA?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A. It is a chemical used in plastics manufacturing.

BPA is a silent danger as it directly affects egg cells, and sperm, including the development of the fetus’ brain!  

  •       If pregnant women receive BPA, it will affect the development of the embryo and increase the miscarriage chance. The abnormal chromosomes can cause down syndrome and hyperactivity in babies.
  •       For women who receive BPA, it will reduce eggs’ ability to fertilize. It affects thyroid function and increases the risk of breast cancer.
  •       Men receiving BPA may have less sexual potency. DNA in sperm is destroyed, causing a low sperm count, poor motility, and risk of prostate cancer.

So, apart from people who want to have babies, common people should also avoid heating food in plastic containers. When the containers are heated, it’ll make the BPA in the container contaminates food.

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