Those who want to conceive should be aware of the best time to have sex!

It is believed that most couples who want to have a baby commonly miss out on this. It is about the most appropriate and best time for having sex in order to have a baby.

Normally, pregnancy occurs when the female egg fertilizes during ovulation. Women ovulate only once a month and the egg is only ready in 12-24 hours.

If you have sex and fertilization occurs during this time, the egg will implant in the endometrium to become a zygote. Then, you will get pregnant. Menstruation will begin within 14 days if there is no fertilization or if fertilization fails.

Therefore, your fertile window will start 2 weeks before your next menstruation. This method is only accurate for women with regular menstrual cycles.

The best time is during a women’s ovulation day. The fertile window can help increase chances of getting pregnant. If you miss this, you will have to wait another month. Therefore, if you want to have a baby as soon as possible, please calculate your fertile window.

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