You’re getting older You Shouldn’t Wait to Have a Baby!

You’re getting older. You shouldn’t wait to have a baby!

Young people are likely to get married late these days and they tend to get married when older. But the problem is that having a baby when older risks infertility.

And why you shouldn’t wait to have a baby…!

As when people get older, women’s egg cells may decline or die, leading to the number and quality of eggs beginning to decrease and less chance of fertilization.

But if there is fertilization, the embryo from fertilization will risk abnormal cell division. There is also less chance of embryo implantation and more chance of miscarriage and pregnancy complications such as diabetes, premature birth, and preeclampsia.

Nourishing yourself to maintain good egg quality becomes the best option for single women and couples so that they do not have to worry about their aging. It will increase the chance of pregnancy in the future.

However, both men and women also need to plan their pregnancy, also take care of their health, and see a doctor regularly.


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