Antioxidants can improve sperm quality

To talk about eating nutritious foods, there are many foods to select. But the right food depends on an individual’s health concern.

Today Nuvo Life Care will talk about the foods for sperm nourishment and increasing sperm count in order to strengthen sperm, getting ready to have babies.

Taking fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants is another way for males to nourish their sperm. These foods such as green-yellow fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, milk, egg yolk, liver, brown rice, and whole wheat bread.

Moreover, taking supplement is a way to help enhance sperm efficiency as well. We recommend Repro Vita-M, selected vitamins suitable for males with low sperm count or sperm problems. It can be consumed by the patients during the process of fertility treatment. 

  • Contain French pine bark extract (Pycnogenol), nourish circulatory system, anti-inflammation, increase skin collagen and elastin
  • Contain antioxidants, increase sperm quality, sperm count, and sperm motility
  • Reduce amount of abnormal sperm, be a solution of infertility, increase a chance of fertilization
  • Reduce sperm deterioration, increase testosterone

  It also has a lot of other ingredients, over 21 nutrients in total that help nourish sperm and improve men’s health. Let’s start nourishing yourself. Only 2,790 THB per bottle.

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