5 Ovulation Calculator Applications to increase pregnancy chance

For women who want to become a mother, “ovulation day” is more important than any other days. Women need to calculate carefully as it happens once a month. Otherwise, you need to wait for 1 month until the next cycle.

Nowadays there are applications help calculate ovulation. They are not only a note to record the periods for calculating ovulation then increasing or reducing the pregnancy chance. But several apps also provide the features to track the irregular periods which may cause severe diseases and help women to not be speechless while the doctor is asking for medical history.

Today we will show you how to select ovulation calculator apps. So, you will be able to use the right application that meets your preference and your needs. These are 5 applications comprising some interesting features and being beneficial to people who are taking care of their health.

Flo My Health & Period Tracker

It is all-in-one application, from ovulation calculation to the features regarding pregnancy. Allow the users to set objectives whether you want to track the periods, plan or monitor your pregnancy. 

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

It is easy to understand by diagrams, able to share your information with friends and compatible with the Health app on iPhone. A user-friendly interface application by a tidy calendar or a menstrual cycle diagram indicating which time period you are and how much chance of pregnancy or whether you are having symptoms of PMS.

Glow Period, Fertility Tracker

An excellent community with a source of knowledge to get pregnant. Being more than an ovulation calculation app, it provides an online community to allow women to discuss and share the experience about pregnancy plan and health care. You can post a message or recommend some healthcare products to your friends. In the meantime, there is a feature to monitor a husband’s health as well.

Period Tracker Period Calendar

Increase pregnancy chance with comprehensive data processing by the application developers who are specialized in pregnancy and family planning. This app collects various information in detail about your health and menstruation. Questionnaires are provided in order to generate a user’s profile. It covers almost every factor that help you to get pregnant.

Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Apart from the use of application to predict ovulation, you will not get ready to conceive if the eggs are not qualified. Therefore, taking supplement is a way to help nourish your egg’s quality then increase the pregnancy chance accordingly.


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