7 Advantages of Calcium L-Threonate

 Today, NUVO Life Care bring you to know more about Nuvo Calcium Jelly! It is a supplement full of benefits and suitable for all ages and genders. 

 Let’s see 7 advantages of Nuvo Calcium Jelly.

  1. It is a calcium extracted from corns and can be absorbed better than the old calcium up to 95%.

2. It won’t cause flatulence or won’t accumulate in the body, causing kidney stone later.


  1. The advantage of Calcium LThreonate is that there’s no need to eat together with food. It can be taken at anytime.


  1. No need to mix it with water like effervescent tablet or take it with water. It is in jelly form. Just tear off the sachet and eat, so simple.


  1. No need for vitamin D to help with absorption. People of all ages can eat it. No safety concerns.


  1. The advantage of Calcium L-Threonate is that it’s portable. No need to carry a bottle or tablet panels.


7. The advantage of Calcium L-Threonate is it’s easy to eat, yummy, and full of benefits.


Nuvo Calcium Jelly is calcium for health suitable for children, adults, elders, and pregnant or breastfeeding women who want to take more calcium to the body. 

 Strengthen bones and teeth

 Prevent osteoporosis

 Increase height

 Add more calcium to pregnant and breastfeeding women

 Repair cells and boost the immune system

 Nourish the brain and nervous system

 Enhance metabolism

 The skin will look younger and have less wrinkles

 Delicious and easy to eat, it can add more calcium for your body. Only 1,790 baht per box (1 box contains 15 sachets). Order now!

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