Preparation before fertility treatment

Preparation before fertility treatment

Infertility! How much preparation is needed before proceeding with fertility treatment in order to have a baby as a bond of love?

“Understanding fertility treatment”

To treat your infertility problem, you need to know if you truly need the treatment or you can still have a baby by natural method. The treatment process is not complicated if you want to study them. But to not waste your time having a child by the scientific process, let’s see the signs you need medical consultations.

  1. Irregular or missed period 
  2. Severe period pain or heavy period can be a risk of infertility
  3. Excess hair growth may be caused by ovarian disorders
  4. No sexual desire
  5. Being obese
  6. Pain during sex

After primary self-evaluation, when you realize that you or your partner is risking infertility, do not be discouraged. Right now, there are lots of specialized doctors ready to give you advice and solutions. The first thing you and your partner need to do is to prepare yourselves mentally and physically, both male and female. 


How much money is enough for fertility treatment?

For the cost, there may be a huge difference in all types of treatment. You may divide the cost into several parts such as, cost of egg stimulation medication and monitoring, cost of ovum retrieval and anesthesia used during OPU, expenses for sperm preparation and fertilization process, embryo culture, embryo transfer, and medication used to support pregnancy after embryo transfer. To roughly estimate, the cost is probably around 50,000 – 100,000 baht or more, depending on the technique and difficulty.

So, you should ask your doctor to estimate the cost before making a decision.


Undergoing fertility treatment for a long time, 

what should you do?

During the treatment, it is a hard time of both new fathers and mothers who want to have a baby. Some succeeded, some did not. Some couples get pregnant successfully on their first IVF try. But how many treatment cycles you need to try and how long should you give up?

The answer would be you can proceed with IVF as many times as you want. Before the next cycle, you must take a break and nourish your health to be strong.

You may select some good dietary supplements of NUVO Life Care that we recommend. They help nourish males and females to be ready for fertility treatment.

  • Repro Vita-M: vitamin for sperm health
  • Repro Vita-F: vitamin for egg nourishment
  • Asta Pro: vitamin for health and beauty

Supplements that people with pregnancy plan should not miss! Available on every platform, order now.

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