5 Ways to stay pretty while pregnant No more worn-out face

Although there are many changes that occur during pregnancy, whether from hormones, body, or mental state, causing many pregnant women to not have the courage to take care of their beauty. But it’s time to get up and change yourself immediately with 5 easy ways to stay beautiful while pregnant that My Dear Mom brings to you.

  1. Apply stretch mark cream

Stretch marks can be found in up to 90% of pregnant women in the last trimester. And not only in the abdominal area, stretch marks can also occur around the hips and thighs as well. No mother would want to have marks like that or even to treat them later.

Therefore, you should prevent it by applying a nourishing cream or concentrated lotion to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin. Let us tell you a secret. Our organic stretch marks cream can really take care of this problem.


2. New hair style


You can try a new hair style to prevent hair loss and also change your mother’s look to be more trendy. Because nowadays, women like to cut their hair short. Whether a short, layered hairstyle, a short bob, or a stacked bob, they are definitely chic and will never go out of style.


3. Wear maternity clothes in various styles with beautiful designs



Nowadays, there are many styles of maternity clothes with beautiful designs for mothers to choose. Whether maternity pants, dresses with long skirts, fitted or loose, or with brightly colored patterns, or flowing maxi dress, they are all beautiful and perfect for pregnant women.


4. Put on light makeup



While pregnant, women can still wear makeup as usual. It is recommended that you put makeup on lightly, as well as be careful in selecting products. Avoid fakes or products with poor quality. Knowing this, don’t let yourself become worn-out. Whether at home, leaving the house, going on a trip, going shopping, or hanging out with friends, you can put on light makeup, be a beautiful mother and be confident.


5. Have beautiful skin by drinking water



During pregnancy, women’s bodies need extra water. Water helps take care of women’s skin as it keeps the skin moisturized, radiant, and creates balance in the body. Therefore, for healthy skin, pregnant women should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day so that they can have beautiful, radiant, moisturized, and healthy skin.


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