Fish oil, essential vitamin for getting ready for pregnancy

Taking supplement that contains fish oil extract is not only for balancing sex hormone and regulating ovulation cycle but fish oil also provides some benefits, such as

  • Improve egg cells to be healthy, qualified, and ready for fertilization
  • Reduce body inflammation which is a cause of cell degeneration
  • Contain omega 3 and DHA that help in fetal growth and development in terms of brain function, nervous system, and eyesight

Therefore, to get enough vitamins and minerals during “preconception period” is a factor affecting the chance of pregnancy and adequate fetal growth.

We would recommend you “Nuvo Calcium Jelly”, our dietary supplement in a jelly form. It also consists of fish oil powder that has been selected and ensured its benefits to the body. Together with other vitamins inside Nuvo Calcium Jelly, the product is excellent with its efficacy.

Don’t forget to buy and take it!

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