5 tips to take care of your hair to be healthy

Women with long hair surely love their hair. No matter how long your hair is. If you have endless hair problem, we would like to recommend you how to nourish your hair to be healthy during summer and to prevent more damage.

  1. Keep trimming your split ends. Our hair may experience chemical or heat procedure such as dyeing, straightening, curling and other hair styling. If you have dry hair, we recommend you keep trimming your split ends to prevent more damage.
  2. Nourish your hair with natural oil before or after hair wash. Please apply a little amount of olive oil or coconut oil on your hair ends, leave it for 10 minutes and wash your hair. After this, your hair will be more hydrated and it will help reduce rough hair.
  3. Do hair treatment once a week. Please do it in your free time by mixing egg yolk with olive oil or yogurt. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and rinse off with water. Then, wash your hair. 
  4. Stop chemically damaging your hair. Please try to avoid damaging your hair since it will make your hair rough. Also, it will delay your hair to be repaired.
  5. Regularly use hair serum to prevent from heat and stop using electric hair devices. If necessary, we recommend nourish your hair with vitamin or heat protection serum beforehand. Those products contain various hair vitamins that repair and nourish your hair to be healthy. 

However, if you want healthy hair, please use hair care products with natural ingredients that can effectively protect your hair. Even in the summer, your hair will be shiny, healthy and resistant to be damaged.

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