Foods that women want to get pregnant must eat for ovarian nourishment

Ovaries are reproductive organs of women which is highly important for pregnancy and for female hormone system.

Therefore, any abnormalities in ovarian function will result in infertility. Today, we would like you to get to know more about ovaries and ovarian nourishing foods.

1. Red fruits and vegetables 

Such as tomato, beetroot and carrot. It not only contains lycopene to help in skin nourishment, but it also contains mineral called “Chromium” which is essential to the body and work with insulin to regulate sugar metabolism. It helps in the transport of protein to body parts for daily consumption. This mineral is commonly deficient in pregnant women and the elderly.

2. Green vegetables

Such as Chinese kale, broccoli, spinach, green cabbage, green chili, kale, wheatgrass and alfalfa. These vegetables are high in vitamin C, folate, magnesium which boost immune system and ovarian function. Also, it is high in chlorophyll which help purify the blood system and raise oxygen levels. It helps in the better transport of nutrients to other organs particularly the ovaries.

3. Chinese braised black chicken soup

Black chicken contains carnosine which has anti-oxidant properties and help reduce glycation in the body which is an aging catalyst for cell and DNA damage, the cause of inflammation and illness. Carnosine will help in cell regeneration and immune system.

4. Flaxseed

“Lignans” in flaxseed help in hormone balance and “Phytoestrogens” from plant act as female estrogen helping in hormone balance of female estrogen hormone and progesterone hormone, resulting in normal ovulation and inflammation reduction leading to normal reproductive organ function.

Nutrition for ovarian nourishment and function is a method of nourishing and preventing premature ovarian failure. As a result, you should eat nutritious foods to ensure proper ovarian function.

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