5 activities affecting sperm!

Although you are healthy and sexually active with your wife, why couldn’t you have a baby? 

No matter how physically strong you are, it’s still useless if your sperm is not strong! Of course, 40% of infertile couples are caused by the male side. So, taking care of health and regular activities are very important.

Today, we’ll show you men’s 5 activities causing poor sperm quality!


1. Regular smoking: affects sperm count and sperm motility.


2. Often drinking: reduces male hormones and sperm production.


  1. Taking medicine: some medicines have side effects on reducing male hormones.


4. Wearing tight pants: slows down blood flow, resulting in a low sperm count and poor sperm production.


  1. Putting a phone in the wrong place: the heat from devices reduces sperm production. It is the same as taking a warm bath. The heat from hot water also affects sperm production.


If you already stop doing these activities but your sperm quality has not improved, we recommend you take supplements and see a doctor to find a treatment.

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