Chocolate Cyst: it’s hard, but you can still have a baby!

One of the problems of infertile women may be caused by chocolate cysts or ovarian endometrioma, which is commonly found in women over 35.

People with chocolate cysts can still have a baby! But it will be harder than normal as ovarian endometrioma causes the irregular function of the ovaries.

Chocolate cysts are fluid-filled cysts that contain chocolate-like fluids. The cysts will get bigger from each month’s menstrual cycle. The speed of growth depends on many factors. It causes adhesions and keeps getting thicker.

The common symptoms are last-long crampy periods, abdominal pain before, during, and post period, and infertility.

If you find any abnormalities in your body and have tried to conceive for a long time, you should see a doctor to find a treatment. Nowadays, there is a modern assisted reproductive technology that helps women have children easier.


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