Postpartum hair loss – How to nourish?

Postpartum hair loss is very common for women after childbirth.

During pregnancy, a high level of estrogen makes the hair thick and healthy. However, after childbirth, the estrogen level will dramatically drop. The hormone change in the body causes hair loss. 

Apart from external care for your hair, you should bring back balance to your hormones. So, we’d recommend foods to eat for mothers during postpartum.

  1. Egg: It’s nutritious and easy to find. It’s full of vitamin B12, a protein essential for hair nourishment, and biotin that strengthens hair and hair roots. 
  2. High-Vitamin C fruits: like oranges and strawberries will strengthen hair, fix dry hair, and stop hair loss. 
  3. Black sesame: helps in hair nourishment and reduces hair graying, dry hair, and hair loss as it has an effective antioxidant.
  4. Green leafy vegetables: have nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin A that strengthen the scalp and make hair shiny. 
  5. Fish: is full of vitamin B12, fatty acids, and omega 3 that help repair damaged hair to return to health and help reduce hair loss.

If eating foods does not suit your lifestyle, there is another easy and convenient option which is taking vitamin supplements.

If you’d like to take supplements, you also need to be concerned about ingredients and safety as some supplements have bad effects on the body, especially breastfeeding mothers during postpartum.


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