“Wrinkles” A sign of skin aging

The first sign of skin aging is wrinkles. It starts at 25 years. Wrinkles can appear over the face in every skin layer.

Factors causing skin aging are natural and inevitable. The skin cell function will gradually decrease and deteriorate like other function in human body when aging.

However, there might be external factors causing skin aging to happen quicker. Skin aging is also caused by free radicals in the skin. Normally, free radicals in the skin will be eliminated by antioxidants naturally produced by the body.

When you get older, the body produces fewer antioxidants. The result is skin cells are damaged by external factors such as sunlight, pollution, etc. 

How to take care of your skin to prevent wrinkles? Today we’re going to introduce you to some easy ways:


  1. Have enough rest at least 8 hours and a regular sleep pattern so that the body can heal what is damaged causing bright skin.
  2. Put sunscreen on to protect the skin from UV, preventing the skin from wrinkles and premature aging.
  3. Drink 8 cups of water to keep skin elastic and bright.
  4. Eat nutritious vegetables and fruits and avoid food rich in fat and carbohydrates. 
  5. Stop smoking as it will rush aging, reduce skin elasticity and brightness.
  6. Take supplements to add more nutrients for the skin and body. The supplements you take should be vitamins that contain natural extracts and high antioxidants.


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