‘Coffee’ a factor causing infertility!

Coffee is a popular drink people have in the morning and when sleepy to wake up the brain and relieve both physical and mental fatigue. However, for women and men who want to have children, drinking coffee has a negative effect, making it more difficult to have children.

The result of the research from the central hospital in Massachusetts collected during 2007-2013 shows that men who drink about 265 milligrams of caffeine in coffee or other caffeinated beverages per day have a risk of infertility. Drinking large amount of coffee make ejaculation less. The proper amount of caffeine per day is 88 mg.

For women drinking coffee regularly, drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day can reduce the 25% chance of having a baby. If you are also drinking alcohol, smoking, and overweight, the chance of pregnancy is even less. Moreover, coffee is also dangerous to a baby’s development. It can increase 200% risk of miscarriage, death, and abnormalities in the baby.

Professor Bill Ledger, a British doctor who specializes in fertility from the University of Sheffield said that caffeinated beverages, alcohol, drugs, and excess body weight are ‘toxic’ to a woman’s egg cells. These are problems that can reduce the chance of pregnancy. Also, coffee has a negative effect on sperm.

For people who are planning for pregnancy and having children, you should avoid drinking coffee.  Even if it’s just one of many reasons causing infertility. but it should be avoided to increase the efficiency of having children as much as possible.

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