Why is cosmetic testing needed before launching the product?

Cosmetic or skincare testing can help protect against danger in many cases like sometimes when the user is unaware, such as when rubbing the eyes. It may cause makeup to get into the eyes which is a very sensitive area and easily harmful to the user.

Therefore, in addition to being careful of fake cosmetic products, you also need to use them carefully. Once the product is tested, caution and safe use instructions will be provided, including certifications from various testing institutes so that the users can feel safe and confident.

For the testing, there must be a specialized doctor to supervise and control closely. And for safety testing in Thailand, there is a company called Dermscan Asia Co., Ltd. (Dermscan Asia) that has been trusted by many manufacturers and owners of cosmetic or skincare brands. As for cosmetic testing, it can be assured that cosmetic test results can be trusted according to ISO 9001 2015 standards.

My Dear Mom is also one of the certified brands that have passed the cosmetic test. Our brand is committed to focus on improving the safety for all users. Therefore, you can feel assured that the products will not cause irritation to the skin.

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