Beliefs about pregnant women: Is it true that pregnant women usually have tooth decay?

Several beliefs that have been told from the past until now is something that has been cultivated for a long time. Until now, there are still lots of them. 

As well as new mothers with their first pregnancy, we all are often told by adults and old people about the popular belief saying that “pregnant women tend to have tooth decay”. Is it true? Today we have the answer to share with you. Let’s go and see.

‍And here is the fact for this belief. During pregnancy, the body will need more calcium for the bone structure development of the baby. (However, whether with more or less calcium, babies still get the same amount of calcium to build their bones from their mothers.)

A pregnant woman should eat food especially rich in calcium (a pregnant woman needs 1,200 milligrams of calcium per day) in order to have enough calcium accumulated for the baby to use and enough to build strong bones and teeth of the mother in the long term so that they can avoid osteoporosis later. As for tooth decay during pregnancy, it probably isn’t related to the use of calcium during the pregnancy period. However, pregnant women should consume enough of 5 food groups and always keep their teeth clean.

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