What to do when you want kids but your husband doesn’t want to have sex?

Many women might have experienced this serious problem. No matter how you ask, your husband won’t have sex with you?

“Husband doesn’t want to have sex” is actually normal. It doesn’t mean you did something wrong. It is caused by many reasons like fatigue, worries, and no time to spare.

Then, what to do when you want kids…but your husband doesn’t want to have sex!? We want you to try

  •       1. Open up and talk to each other

 – Clearing up with your husband is a compromising and right solution. Maybe he’s just too tired so he forgot. 

  •       2. Exercise regularly

 – Apart from making you and your husband relax, it makes your body firm. It can help attract more attention from your husband. 

  •       3. Take an initiative

 – You might massage your husband and impress him with new sexy underwear and cosplay outfits to spice up your sex life. 

  •       4. Change moods 

 – Ask him to go travel outside your city or country. Changing atmospheres, especially beautiful places, can recharge your love life.

  •       5. Take advantage of the holidays

 – In the morning of your day off, you can ask him to exercise on the bed with you instead of going jogging.

These are 5 ways worth trying. If it succeeds, your husband would be willing to have sex and surprise you with a baby in your tummy. If you don’t try, you won’t know! 

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