Signs telling you’re going to be a mom

After having sex, many couples might look forward to having babies. Some people want to know immediately if they are pregnant or not. Some people almost rush to buy a pregnancy test right away, right?

But did you know that apart from a pregnancy test, you can observe the symptoms that happen to you? If you have one of these symptoms, the hope that the baby will come is not far away.

Let’s see what signs tell you’re pregnant.

  1. Late period

 –When you are pregnant, your body will produce lots of progesterone hormone to suppress menstruation.

  1. Heightened sense of smell

 – An increase in estrogen will make your nose sensitive. Anything can smell bad.

  1. Engorged breast

 – You will experience engorged breasts or slightly sore nipples during the first 2-3 weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Nausea

 – Nausea will start in the sixth week after fertilization or start early in some people.

  1. Crave/Anorexia

 – Pregnant women usually crave for sour food to relieve nausea. Meanwhile, they can get bored with their favorite food.

  1. Mood swing

 – Mood swing often happens while pregnant because of high progesterone.

  1. Fainting/Fatigue 

 – Sudden increase in progesterone can cause fainting, fatigue, and easily sleepy.

  1. Frequent urination

 – Your body will produce more blood, causing your kidneys to produce more urine.

  1. Constipation

 – Progesterone hormone will slow digestion and excretion, causing constipation and bloating. 

If you have the following symptoms, it can be a sign of your pregnancy. But you need to understand that some people may not have these symptoms. To be sure, you should see a doctor and get an ultrasound. 

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