What kind of pregnant women… need calcium supplementation?

Calcium is essential for people of all ages. But for pregnant women, it is considered a significant mineral that they need to get adequate consumption during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is sure that mothers can take calcium from their daily food consumption which includes small fish, shrimp, grains and especially milk.

However, not all mothers can drink milk or eat other kinds of foods in a full range. Therefore, calcium supplementation helps mothers to consume enough calcium for themselves and their babies in the womb.

What kind of pregnant women need calcium supplementation?

  1. Milk intolerance. Sickness after drinking milk.


2. Not reaching 4-5 cups of milk per day

3. Not getting enough calcium through diet

4. Afraid that calcium will not be enough for a baby.

5. Experience weak and brittle bones (Since a baby draws calcium from mother’s bones)

A pregnant woman needs 1,200 – 1,500 mg. of calcium per day. If you know that you cannot drink milk or can take less calcium. You might need to look for calcium supplementation in order to have enough calcium intake per day.

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