uterus / cervix problems might be the reason of infertility!

For people trying for babies naturally, but still not succeed it, though you may look healthy on the outside, you may have problems inside. Especially women who have difficulties in getting pregnant, they do not know that their uterus may be the reason why it is difficult to get pregnant.


One of the reasons of infertility may be caused by the problems of uterus such as congenital uterine anomalies, submucous myoma, endometrial polyp, intrauterine adhesion, etc. 

These kinds of abnormalities can affect embryo implantation and increase the risk of miscarriage. Women with these problems also have more risks of preterm birth.

If you know that you have problems in your body and you have tried to get pregnant with no success, you should get some medical advice from a specialist doctor to find the solutions.

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