Stress, A health condition affecting fertility

Stress seemingly is a common health issue happening in most people. But did you know that stress directly affects hormone production in the pituitary gland? So, it can be said that stress can affect fertility.

If you have chronic stress, it will definitely affect your health. Especially for people planning to have kids, hormones caused by stress will interfere with hormones from the reproductive system. When stress affects fertility, there can be serious problems.

Semen production in males needs hormones. If hormone production becomes irregular, it’ll lead to poor semen production and poor sperm quality.


Stress will interfere with ovulation. When you are stressed, sleep less, and sleep late, it may cause anovulation or a late period.


These symptoms will have long-term effects. If there is no adjustment in lifestyle, it will make new couples can’t have babies from stress, a condition that affect having children.

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