Knowing vaginal discharge cycle…increases pregnancy rate

Vaginal discharge is fluid that comes out of the vagina. It helps lubricate and prevent infection and irritation. The color and amount of vaginal discharge depend on the individual and each person’s cycle.

What is the appearance of vaginal discharge in one cycle? Let’s get to know the vaginal discharge cycle to increase the pregnancy rate. 

– After the period – The vaginal discharge will gradually dry and become hard and stick.

 – Before ovulation – The vaginal discharge will look creamy.

 – Ovulation – The vaginal discharge will look like a white egg.

 – After ovulation – The vaginal discharge will dry.

Tips to easily notice vaginal discharge “Knowing vaginal discharge cycle increases pregnancy rate”

Use tissue paper to wipe around the vulva and observe the appearance of the vaginal discharge on the tissue. 

 – Touch the surface with clean hands. Use the finger to touch the vulva and observe the vaginal discharge. 

 – Touch the inside with clean hands. Insert the index and middle fingers into the vagina. Remove some of the discharge from the cervix and brought out to observe outside. Check the appearance of vaginal discharge. See if the discharge deforms when touched or not? Is it slippery or sticky? What color is it? Is it thick or not? 

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