Stomach pain after sex: a dangerous sign

Although having sex has many benefits on health such as stress relieving or blood circulation enhancement, some people must experience stomach pain after sex. This condition might be caused by many reasons. Normally, the pain will soon disappear spontaneously.

But if there are other symptoms besides stomach pain like fluid leaking from the vagina, you should see the doctor immediately. It can be caused by other severe health issues such as sexually transmitted diseases usually causing stomach pain. It can even cause pelvic pain, painful urination, abnormal discharge, and also vaginal odor.

For relief: Stomach pain after sex can be cured and it is not a severe condition.

  • Take painkillers: To relieve muscle tension
  • Use hot compress: Hot water pack can relieve stomach pain
  • Practice relieving muscles: It can relieve stomach pain after sex 
  • Change lifestyle: To avoid alcohol and cigarette may help relieve pain and has a good effect on overall health as well

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