Signs of sciatic nerve pain in pregnant women

Sciatic nerve pain is very normal and can often be seen in pregnant women. Because when a woman is pregnant, the baby developing and getting bigger in the womb may affect the body of the expectant mother as well. This symptom may be caused by several reasons.

What does sciatic nerve pain feel like?

  • Pain or burning sensation in the lower back
  • Symptoms similar to cramps but less severe
  • Deep pain and numbness in feet in some pregnant women
  • Sciatic nerve pain can increase when coughing, sneezing, or sitting in the same position for a long time.

This symptom can be relieved by gently massaging the lower back to relieve those tensions, which can also increase blood circulation. However, the massage should be done gently by an expert. Alternatively, a mother can use a massage machine, gently apply a hot compress to the lower back, or take a warm bath to loosen tensions so that they will feel more comfortable. But if the sciatic nerve pain is so severe that it is unbearable, it is recommended to rush to the hospital for treatment and medication.

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