Back pain, sitting for a long time, lack of body movement, nourish your health with Calcium Jelly from Nuvo Life Care

Annoying symptoms of working people, especially for many office workers, are back pain because of sitting in the same or wrong position for a long time as well as stress can cause the neck, shoulders to become tense all the way to the back. Changing behavior and knowing what to do and what not to do will help relieve pain.

The solution for solving such symptoms can be done by changing behavior from sitting or standing for a long time, or even lifting heavy objects to adjusting the sitting position, placing work equipment, including changing the posture and getting up and walking sometimes.

And most importantly, taking calcium is also a great solution in helping to strengthen bones and body.

Nuvo Calcium Jelly and a new product, Vita F Jelly from Nuvo Life Care can help stimulate the production of collagen in bones and cartilage and make them strong and healthy. The products can be taken at any age (but Vita F Jelly is not recommended to pregnant women, they better take Nuvo Calcium Jelly instead).

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